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NBA Playoffs: Golden State Warriors and Teams with 3-1 Comebacks

Stephen Curry and the 2016 Golden State Warriors are the First to Come Back From 3-1 Down in the Western Conference Finals

Stephen Curry and the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors are the First Ever to Come Back From 3-1 Down in the Western Conference Finals

It’s been a while since Sports List of the Day has hit the presses but the 2016 Golden State Warriors and Western Conference Finals have re-inspired some old writing and statistical passions.


Well, the Warriors just became only the 10th team in NBA postseason history to come back from a 3-1 deficit (and the first ever in the Western Conference Finals, in fact – now how about that). It has happened three times in the Eastern Conference Finals, but still never in the NBA Finals.

And just to note, no NBA team has ever come back from three down (3-0) to win four straight. It’s happened in other sports, though.

Back in 2013, when Sports List of the Day first took a look at 3-1 NBA postseason comebacks, only eight teams had achieved the feat. Since then, the 2015 Houston Rockets and this season’s Warriors have joined the list.

Let’s take another look at all 10 comebacks, and add a dose of statistical fruit to feed your head…

10. Golden State Warriors (1) Oklahoma City Thunder (3) 2016 Western Finals
9. Houston Rockets (2) Los Angeles Clippers (3) 2006 Western Semis
8. Phoenix Suns (2) Los Angeles Lakers (7) 2006 Eastern Round 1 121-90
7. Detroit Pistons (1) Orlando Magic (8) 2003 Eastern Round 1 108-93
6. Miami Heat (2) New York Knicks (3) 1997 Eastern Semis 101-90
5. Houston Rockets (6) Phoenix Suns (3) 1995 Western Semis 115-114*
4. Boston Celtics (1) Philadelphia 76ers (2) 1981 Eastern Finals 91-90
3. Washington Bullets (1) San Antonio Spurs (2) 1979 Eastern Finals 107-105
2. Los Angeles Lakers (2) Phoenix Suns (3) 1970 Western Semis 129-94
1. Boston Celtics (2) Philadelphia 76ers (1) 1968 Eastern Finals 100-96*

* Underdog (by seeding) and so won Game 7 on the road: the 1968 Boston Celtics and 1995 Houston Rockets

There have now been

Photos: Ezra Shaw, Getty Images,

The Greatest Final Round Comebacks in The Masters History (Video)

1. Jack Burke, Jr.: 1956, 8 Strokes Back


1. Gary Player: 1978, 8 Strokes Back


3. Nick Faldo: 1996, 6 Strokes Back


Super Bowl Comebacks: Teams That Took the Lead with Final Score

Tom Brady And The New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl In The Final Seconds...Twice Off The Foot Of Adam Vinatieri

Tom Brady And The New England Patriots Won The Super Bowl In The Final Seconds…Twice – Off The Foot Of Adam Vinatieri


Enjoy the game!


1. V 1970 Baltimore Colts 16 Dallas Cowboys 13 With the score tied 13-13, Jim O’Brien kicks 32-yard field goal
2. XXIII 1988 San Francisco 49ers 20 Cincinnati Bengals 16 With the Bengals up 16-13, Joe Montana hits John Taylor for a 10-Yard TD
3. XXV 1990 New York Giants 20 Buffalo Bills 19 With the Bills up 19-17, Matt Bahr kicks 21-yard field goal
4. XXXII 1997 Denver Broncos 31 Green Bay Packers 24 With the score tied 24-24, Terrell Davis runs it in from 1 yard
5. XXXIV 1999 St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16 With the score tied 16-16, Kurt Warner hits Isaac Bruce for a 73-Yard TD
6. XXXVI 2001 New England Patriots 20 St. Louis Rams 17 With the score tied 17-17, Adam Vinatieri kicks 48-yard FG
7. XXXVIII 2003 New England Patriots 32 Carolina Panthers 29 With the score tied 29-29, Adam Vinatieri kicks 41-yard FG
8. XLII 2007 New York Giants 17 New England Patriots 14 With the Patriots up 14-10, Eli Manning hits Plaxico Burress for a 13-yard TD
9. XLIII 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Arizona Cardinals 23 With the Cardinals up 23-20, Ben Roethlisberger hits Santonio Holmes for a 6-yard TD
10. XLVI 2011 New York Giants 21 New England Patriots 17 With the Patriots up 17-15, Ahmad Bradshaw runs it in from 6 yards


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