Cam Newton? Who Will Be the 2011-12 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year? List of NFL Offensive ROYs

Cam Newton, 2011-12 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Cam Newton, 2011-12 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year? (Getty)

Will Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers‘ quarterback be the offensive rookie of the year? He is the odds-on favorite.  Other possibilities include the Atlanta Falcons‘ Julio Jones and the Cincinnati Bengals‘ A.J. Green.  The Oakland Raiders‘ Terrelle Pryor could be in the mix too, but that 5-game suspension sure hurts.

What about previous offensive rookies of the year?   Here’s the full list.  They have only come from three positions: RB (31), WR (8) and QB (5).

1967 Mel Farr Detroit Lions RB
1968 Earl McCullouch Detroit Lions WR
1969 Calvin Hill Dallas Cowboys RB
1970 Dennis Shaw Buffalo Bills QB
1971 John Brockington Green Bay Packers RB
1972 Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers RB
1973 Chuck Foreman Minnesota Vikings RB
1974 Don Woods San Diego Chargers RB
1975 Mike Thomas Washington Redskins RB
1976 Sammy White Minnesota Vikings WR
1977 Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys RB
1978 Earl Campbell Houston Oilers RB
1979 Ottis Anderson St. Louis Cardinals RB
1980 Billy Sims Detroit Lions RB
1981 George Rogers New Orleans Saints RB
1982 Marcus Allen Los Angeles Raiders RB
1983 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams RB
1984 Louis Lipps Pittsburgh Steelers WR
1985 Eddie Brown Cincinnati Bengals WR
1986 Rueben Mayes New Orleans Saints RB
1987 Troy Stradford Miami Dolphins RB
1988 John Stephens New England Patriots RB
1989 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions RB
1990 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys RB
1991 Leonard Russell New England Patriots RB
1992 Carl Pickens Cincinnati Bengals WR
1993 Jerome Bettis Los Angeles Rams RB
1994 Marshall Faulk Indianapolis Colts RB
1995 Curtis Martin New England Patriots RB
1996 Eddie George Houston Oilers RB
1997 Warrick Dunn Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB
1998 Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings WR
1999 Edgerrin James Indianapolis Colts RB
2000 Mike Anderson Denver Broncos RB
2001 Anthony Thomas Chicago Bears RB
2002 Clinton Portis Denver Broncos RB
2003 Anquan Boldin Arizona Cardinals WR
2004 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers QB
2005 Carnell “Cadillac” Williams Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB
2006 Vince Young Tennessee Titans QB
2007 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings RB
2008 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons QB
2009 Percy Harvin Minnesota Vikings WR
2010 Sam Bradford St. Louis Rams QB

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